Rose Care

No pain no gain – All around rose care results in healthy growth and floweriness

Although they are called queen of the flowers, roses do not require as much care as her name implies.

Roses are remarkable tough and adaptable and will go on growing with minimal attention for many years. But they will deteriorate and flower less prolifically, with smaller blooms, on bushes that become poorly shaped.

Rose Care

Simple routine care makes an enormous difference, and the benefits will be obvious: lush, compact growth, an abundance of flowers, blooms and foliage unmarred by pests and diseases.

From spring pruning until winter-preparation every task can easily be done.

A Good Start Into A Long Life Of Roses

With the selection of a suitable variety, an appropriate location and an optimal planting, you have already given your roses the best conditions for a lush and healthy flourishing.

Now you should continue to strengthen and support the flowers with the appropriate care.

Guide Through Rose Care

Appropriate care for roses always means to go in for preventive plant protection.

Thereby it often depends on the right timing: The right nutrients at the wrong time can harm roses similarly as to remove a winter protection too early.

Of course, roses despite all care sometimes get sick. Damages keep within limits if you keep an eye on the plants, and immediately take the appropriate measures.

Rose Care In The Course Of The Year

Tending strategies for roses are more than beauty care. They make your plants fit against pests, diseases and severe frosts.

After a long winter, all rose gardeners are bursting to work with their beloved roses.

Spring Gardening Tasks for Roses

Removing the winter protection (depends on where you live) and pruning are the first things to do in early spring. Get some information about how and when to take action about early spring rose gardening tasks.

Summer Care For Roses

In hot and dry summer-seasons roses can get much stressed. During that time you should look after your plants more often, to make sure they feel well. Read about which task to conduct for summer rose care.

Fall Care For Roses

Depending on where you live, late fall is the time to prepare your plants for the winter. Protection and preparation for the cold season will be the main topic for fall care for roses.

Winter Care For Roses

In regions with cold winter the protection of roses is a must. This chapter will show you the most important tasks to care for your roses in winter.

Routine Rose Care

That’s not enough? I am sorry, but roses need water and food too, to stay alive. Sometimes I think they behave like little princesses: they need our attention and as a reward they will show us their full beauty.

Watering Roses

Without water, no living. Roses are very sensitive plants and it is critical watering your roses in the correct way.

Fertilizing Roses

For growth and flowering, roses need an adequate amount of nutrients. No food means fewer blooms. That’s why it is important to feed them regularly. Read more about how and when to fertilize roses.

Mulching Roses

To mulch roses gives you a well-rounded picture of your plants. But that is just an additional advantage. Mulching Roses is a must, to protect your plants from changing weather and drying out too fast.

Periodic Tasks In The Rose Garden

Pruning Basics 

You cannot go past rose pruning. Only appropriate pruning ensures healthy growth and plenty of perfect flowers.

Deadheading Roses

Deadheading means removing a plant’s flowers as they fade. It encourages the production of fresh blooms on repeat-flowering roses. Deadheading keeps the bushes looking tidy and produces new growth.

Removing Rose Suckers

Suckers usually have different colored leaves and shape than the rest of the plant. This unwanted growth from the rootstock of grafted roses should be removed.

Soil Matters

Soil For Roses

Soil is the elixir for roses. Learn what good soil for roses means to the plants.

How to Improve Soil for Roses 

A long-rang strategy to constantly improve clay soil would be to add good garden compost or composted manure annually.

How Roses Stay And Get Healthy 

Healthy Roses 

Prevention is better than cure. If you make sure the roses feel well from the start, you've done a lot for their health.

Caring For Sick Roses 

A case of illness happens in the best family, also with roses. This cannot always be controlled despite prevention, but does not mean a disaster if you do the right thing immediately.

Epson Salts

Epson salts contain Magnesium sulfate and help roses to produce more flowers. It is good practice to add Epson salt around the plants in the spring.

Seasonal Care For Roses 

Roses need care all around the season to thrive and stay healthy.

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