Miniature Roses

Small roses mean cute, beautiful Miniature Roses we can grow in containers and which are suitable for gardens with less space.

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They come in different sizes from 4 inches to 3 feet and all the colors and characteristics of their bigger sized sisters. In most cases, smaller roses are easier to grow and if grown in containers much easier to handle.

Nevertheless, they a perfect for flower beds, for edging beds or as groundcover.

Hundreds of new Miniature roses are launched each year as Mini-Climbers, Mini-Floras, compact or bushy Mini-roses.

Care for Miniature Roses

In maintenance work and their care-requirements Miniatures do not differ that much from their larger relatives.

Winter Protection

Many of the mini roses grow on their own roots, that’s why they are more tough and hardy than other varieties of roses. If you live in a cold climate, winter protection, for example with a layer of mulch on the base is necessary.

Planting Mini Roses

Although Miniatures have smaller roots, they need sufficient soil to grow well. I would recommend digging a hole with double, better triple space of the containers they came in.

Roses don’t grow very well indoors. They need at least 6 hours of sun, similar to most roses.


Mini roses need enough water especially after planting and because the small roots do not grow very deep. They need frequent, daily watering. During dry and hot periods they will need it twice a day.


Smaller plants need less fertilizer, but they need it more often. A rule of thumb would be half fertilizer but apply the fertilizer twice often. I would recommend to feed them once a week.


Regular deadheading is necessary to keep the flower blooming in the growing season. Pruning in spring is not necessary but removing dead wood and twiggy growth to open the center of the plant is highly recommended.

Buying Miniature Roses

You can find Mini roses in supermarkets  and florist shops, but the varieties you will find there are probably not what you desire.

If you want to buy Miniatures that have proven themselves in gardens, mail-order roses should be your first choice.

Because of the many varieties to choose from, I will list some of my favorites but it is best to order them from an online nursery.

Red Miniatures

Beauty Secret: This very fragrant rose produces cardinal-red blooms in clusters.

The plant grows 10-20 inches, is disease-resistant with shiny, medium green leaves and winter hardy. AARS awarded in 1975 the plant grows pretty well indoors 

Photo courtesy of fuzzyjay

Starina: The flowers show deep red-orange hybrid-tea type shaped blooms and is slightly fragrant.

The plant grows 10-20 inches, is diseases resistant and winter hardy, with glossy, dark green foliage. AARS awarded in 1965.

Pink Miniatures

Photo courtesy of tsubasa_ozora

Cupcake: The clear pink and hybrid-tea shaped blooms are less fragrant but extraordinary beautiful.

The plant grows 10-18 inches, is disease resistant and winter hardy with glossy, green leaves. Grows well in zones 5-10.

Lavender Miniatures

Sweet Chariot: A very fragrant mauve colored rose which blooms throughout the season.

The rose with small, deep green foliage is highly disease-resistant, winter hardy and grows 10-15 inches tall. Grows well in zones 5-10.

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