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Renowned for their exquisite beauty, grace and fragrance David Austin Roses look like old garden roses, but with all advantages of modern roses

In the early sixties of the 20th century, David Austin started with his first modern English rose, a breed between a Gallica Rose “Belle Isis” and a Floribunda “Dainty Maid”.

He called her “Constance Spry”, a still very popular rose nowadays. The introduction of “Graham Thomas”,”Heritage” and several other excellent breeding in the eighties was the foundation for the popularity of these new English roses.

In the US these English roses are well known as very vigorous shrubs, especially in warmer climates.  I personally like them because they are easy to grow, mostly disease resistant and come with the fragrance and flower forms of old roses.

David Austin Roses-Novelties 2014-15

The following novelties where introduced at the Chelsea Garden Show 2014.

Olivia Rose Austin (Ausmixture)

olivia rose austin

This variety was named after David Austin’s granddaughter and therefore had to be special. Her soft-pink colored round blossoms with about 3.5 inch in diameter give a vision of delight.

Her strong, pleasant fragrance has a distinctly fruity note, and shows the typical glossy foliage of Leander-Hybrids. The “Olivia Rose Austin” is one of the most disease resistant rose varieties ever.

The Lady Of The Lake (Ausherbert)

Lady of the lake

The rose is named after the ruler of Avalon from the Arthurian legend. This Rambler rose should grow up to a high of about 10-12 feet, maybe higher in warmer climates.

Her about 2 inches large blush-pink blooms show golden yellow stamen and have a large citrus fragrance. The rose is repeat flowering throughout the growing season.

The Poets Wife (Auswhisper)

poets wife

This rose is an English old rose hybrid with a little of the Leander group in its genetic makeup, which shows in its shiny foliage.

The rose shows flowers with an unfading yellow color. First they have a strong dominant lemon fragrance, becoming sweeter and stronger with age.

All Time Famous English Roses

Some roses will always be evergreens and although they have been introduced years ago, these roses will ever be the best you can get.

Constance Spry (Ausfirst)

The first of David Austin’s roses, which build the fame of the now so called English roses. Its pure rose pink blooms have a strong, rich and pleasing fragrance described as myrrh, but bloom only once a year.

The rose has a very strong grow with a foliage all down to the bottom of its canes. Constance Spry is very winter hardy with about 6” blooms and grows up to 1o feet.

Graham Thomas (Ausmas)

A large cupped, deep yellow bloomed rose which can be purchased as Climber or shrub rose is one of the most famous roses. Graham Thomas was voted the World’s favorite rose, won several awards and is one of the roses that build the fame of David Austin roses.

The medium strong fragranced tea rose is repeat-flowering from early spring onwards. 

Heritage (Ausblush)

This extremely fragrant, pink flowered rose is a recurrent bloomer throughout the season.

The plant is vigorous with glossy foliage and is almost thorn-less. Produces nice hips later in the season

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