Rose Propagation

Though making more roses with an easy to follow method sounds effortless, yet rose propagation is not as simple as growing roses

The easiest way to make more roses is to go to the next garden center and buy more roses or order the newest varieties from an online nursery.

If you want to jump into making your own roses, an absolute definite ruling is an abundance of patience.

Roses are not easy to propagate. To stick on the method and to do it 100% perfect is essential to have success with your efforts.

Methods Of Rose Propagation

I know four techniques to increase your stock of roses.

  1. Budding
  2. Take cuttings
  3. Growing roses from seed
  4. Layering

I will describe all methods in this section and try to give you some understanding what technique could be the best for your first efforts of rose propagation.

As I have listed budding and take cuttings first, they are more important to raise roses. Seed-sawing and layering are rarely used methods, especially for commercially grown plants.

Buying a rose online, or in a garden center means to 95% they have been propagated by budding or grafting.


Budding roses in generally means grafting buds on to rootstocks of another rose. It is a fast and suitable method for all modern types of roses. The new plant has ready-made roots, with the advantage of quick development.

The drawbacks of this method are that you have to learn new skills and rootstocks will not be available to the public.

Where to get rootstocks? Either you ask a local rose grower to buy some from him or you raise your own rootstock from seed.

Want to know more about rose budding, then visit grafting roses.

Take Cuttings

For most hobby gardeners, to take cuttings is the best and easiest way to increase their stock of roses. Although it takes much more time to develop new roots than with budding, a successful propagation result is always an immense delight to a rose gardener’s efforts.

Take cuttings mean to cut canes, semi-riped or hardwood, from an existing healthy rose bush and put them into a pot to grow new roots.

Interested how it works? Proceed to how to grow roses from cuttings.

Growing Roses From Seed

For the novice, seed-sawing may be the most obvious way to propagate roses. The problem with growing roses from seeds is that most roses do not grow on their own roots. Therefore, the results will differ from what you expect.

Anyway, it is fun to try and wait what you get out of it. Who knows, maybe you discover the next winner at the All American Rose Contest?

Every true rosarian has to try it once, so go to how to grow roses from seeds, to be sure about the procedure.


Layering is an excellent method to propagate roses with spreading branches from vigorous rose varieties, such as Ramblers, Climbers, Ground cover roses and some types of shrub roses.

Layering means to bend a flexible shoot onto the ground, to make the cane root.

This is a rarely used method, but I am certain you are curious enough to try how to propagate roses by layering.

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