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Identifying Garden Pests

Learn identifying garden pests and distinguish them from beneficial insects in your area. It doesn’t make sense in mistakenly killing the good guys.

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Rose Pest Control

Check your roses frequently to manage rose pest control successfully.

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Essential Garden Tools | Spades, Hoes, Rakes, Wheelbarrows

Beside normal rose gardening tools every gardener needs essential garden tools for all the garden work.

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Rose Garden Care | Beneficial Garden Allies

Avoid introducing pest or diseases into your garden by natural rose garden care. Beneficial garden insects, animals and other measures will help to keep your roses healthy

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Early Spring Rose Gardening Tasks

Get a clear view abou early spring rose gardening tasks and doll up your roses for a blossomy garden year

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Aphids | Identifying Garden Pests

How to identify aphids or greenfly on roses and how to prevent and get rid of them

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Soil For Roses - Test The Soil

Besides the right location, the soil for roses is an important factor to grow healthy and beautiful plants

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Sharpening Garden Tools

Dull pruning tools do not mean you have to buy new ones. Sharpening garden tools is easy and make them work like new again

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Rose Care

New at rose gardening? All about rose care and growing healthy roses in the course of the year

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Climber in my garden

Hopefully my "Ilse Krohn" climber will bloom well this year.The beautiful white climber had troubles with aphids last year, while I was out of the country

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Planting Roses

Choose the right time, condition and flower for planting roses to get the best growing results

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Growing Climbing Roses

Climbers turn every garden in to a small paradise. Growing climbing roses on trellis, pillars, walls and even through trees is not difficult but with an enjoyable outcome.

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1001 Possibilities Choosing Roses For Your Garden

When it comes to choosing roses from a large selection of colors and varieties, some tips to find the right roses for your garden can be helpful

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Growing Roses From Cuttings

An easy way to make more of your favorite roses is growing roses from cuttings

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Rose Propagation

Producing more roses with rose propagation for hobby gardeners with easy to do steps

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