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Climbing Roses

As different romantic flower dreams may look, climbing roses always will play an important role in it.

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Carpet Roses | Groundcover Roses

Roses sound unpromising as ground cover plants, but here you find carpet roses that will do a perfect job

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Hybrid Perpetual Rose | Hybrid Remontants

Often flowering old roses like a Hybrid Perpetual rose are tall-growing and perfect for pillars or along a fence

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Moss Rose | Muscosa

Try the special variety of a Moss Rose to put a highlight in your garden

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Noisette Rose

The special feature of a Noisette Rose: the color yellow dominates in all nuances

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Gallica Roses | Rosa Gallica | Provins Rose

One of the most popular and oldest garden plants in cultivation are the gallica roses.

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China Rose | Old Roses

Admired for their repeat blooming capabilities, a China Rose is perfect for smaller gardens

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Planting Rose Bushes

Some great tips for planting rose bushes the right way, the right location and how to choose your rose bush

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Centifolia Rose | Cabbage Rose

Hundreds and more petals are characteristic for a Centifolia Rose. That’s why they are often called Cabbage Rose.

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Damask Roses | Old Garden Roses

The exceptional fragrant Damask roses nowadays are popular in craft projects and as potpourri ingredients

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Bourbon Rose and Portland Rose

A Bourbon Rose is an excellent choice to combine a longer blooming season with old-fashioned richness and perfume.

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Alba Rose - Old Roses

Old roses such as the Alba Rose are easy to grow and should delight every rose garden

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Common Rose Questions, Help with Roses

Contact me directly for common rose questions when problems occur, or if you need help with roses or for finding roses

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Rose Gardening Tools

For Rosarians it is essential to have a good selection of rose gardening tools for his flowers.

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Shrub Rose Bush Pruning

Learn how to get a sea of blossoms with little effort, using the easy shrub rose bush pruning guide

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