Early Spring Rose Gardening Tasks

Getting your roses off to a growing start in the spring

Growing roses is not difficult, they will grow even when they are completely neglected, but they do benefit from the efforts you make, especially with the early spring rose gardening tasks.

Start the Year In The Rose Garden

A lot to do for our beloved rose bushes at the beginning of springtime. And it is all about giving our plants a head start in the new growing season without pests and diseases.

Early Spring Rose Gardening Tasks

  • Remove winter protection – once severe frosts disappear, remove all frost protection measures such as spruce brushwood, winter rose collars or landscaping blankets
  • Remove mounding soil – rake up and remove any soil which was used to protect the graft union
  • Remove debris – remove any debris such as leaves or rose petals, burn it or trash it with the residual waste. Do not trash it on the compost pile, do avoid disease carryover
  • Spring pruning – finish your spring pruning before the new leaves emerge if possible. Cut out any dead, diseased or damaged wood
Pruning Roses
  • Fertilizer – hoe in a rose fertilizer as growth emerges, then water in well. Draw back the mulch before applying the fertilizer. The new growth should actively grow, before applying the fertilizer
Fertilizing Roses
  • MulchingMulch or top up an existing mulch
Mulching Roses

Roses grown in the southern areas with warm winters, do not need a prune but cut out all dead and diseased wood. Also some thinning could be useful for better growth.

Mid- And Late Spring Rose Gardening Tasks

  • Garden pests – check for signs of aphids such as greenfly and start pest control.
  • Garden diseases - Consider a preventative spraying with lime sulfur, it will kill spores from black spot or powdery mildew.
  • Horticultural oil – an extra spray with horticultural oil will kill insect eggs and larva, but be sure to use one that is right for the season

Loosen beds without mulch layer and remove weeds on a regular base. On lasting drought do not forget to water your roses.

Another of the early spring rose gardening tasks is the planting of new roses. If you did not have enough time to plant new roses in fall, the second best time to do so is springtime.

It is always a good idea to add some more roses to spruce up your garden.

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