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Covered with beautiful roses, arbor designs will change your garden forever

wooden arbor design

Why should we even consider about to set up an arbor in our garden? Well, most people think that an arbor has a romantic sense and puts a highlight in our garden.

A special piece of landscape architecture that emphasizes the beauty of certain flowers like roses or other climbing plants.

To me, walking through an arbor full of awesome roses with my girl, always had that special romantic effect of stepping into a fairy-tale world.

However, most gardens where this effect will come true, have been planned by professional designers to get exactly this result.

How to Incorporate an Arbor into your Garden

It takes a little bit of planning work and there are some dos and don’ts to consider before you rush to the next garden center and buy an arbor to showcase your flowers.

Maybe you already have an idea in your mind, maybe you already know the right place in your garden, that’s great, but I think you first should read through my garden arbor design tips.

Tips for arbor designs in your garden

  • What will be the purpose of the arbor The purpose of the space for which you want to put an arbor should be predetermined. An arbor provides privacy and frames the entryway to the space after the arbor.
  • Select the materials based on the architecture of your home and the function of the arbor The architectural style of the home and the role of the arbor will narrow the choice of the materials you can use. The materials you use have to hold the weight of the plants, flowers and pots your intent to put on the arbor. For growing roses, fruits, vines, etc., vinyl materials would be a right choice. For decorative purposes, natural stone, redwood or pressure treated wood (if parts of the arbor are underground) could add a stylish element.
  • Select the plants you want to grow before you select the material for the arbor  Choose plants on the look you want. Flowers like roses need specific care and pruning; other plants have a strong growth pattern and heavy stems. Heavy stems and thin structures would not match.
  • Function of the arbor  Function matters to choose the right material. Consider prior to buying whether the arbor should be used as an entrance, frames an entryway, is used as a decorative element or anything else.
  • Height and width of an arbor  Think about garden tools such as garden carts, lawn mowers, etc.; They should fit through the alley.
  • Maintenance  Don’t forget about the additional maintenance work when you use arbor designs for your garden. It takes extra time trimming, training and pruning the growth into the arbor structure to get the look you want.

Small and narrow gardens are perfect for arbors. These gardens usually do not have enough space for planting; that's why arbors and other vertical structures such as trellises offer an excellent opportunity for vertical planting. 

Using an arbor to break up a narrow space, to frame an opening or entrance way is a perfect way to add some privacy to the homeowner.

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