Hybrid Tea Rose 

These are the roses found in the front windows of flower shops. A Hybrid Tea rose, probably the most popular flower in the world

If you receive or buy a bouquet of flowers, long-stemmed, fragrant red hybrid teas will probably be the first choice. They are unmatched as cut flowers.

Hybrid teas grow about 3 to 6 feet high and typically produce one large bloom on top of one long stem. Most of them are repeat bloomers, producing flowers throughout the season.

Modern Hybrid Tea roses are tougher and easier to grow than the older varieties, but they still need plenty of attention. If you plan to grow Hybrid Teas, you should check out the following pages about:

Choosing A Hybrid Tea Rose By Color

The choices of Hybrid Teas seem endless. You can go for fragrance, colors or names, but in my opinion, it is best to choose by color. I have listed some of the most popular roses.

Red Hybrid Teas

Red roses are the most popular and every garden needs to have at least one red Hybrid Tea for vases or to make a special and personal gift.

Here are some of my favorite red Hybrid Teas:

Ingrid Bergmann

A fragrant, bright velvet red rose with long stems. With a high up to 3 feet and a wide of 2.5 feet, they can be grown until zone 5.

The plant shows dark green foliage and is almost entirely disease free. One of my first roses I planted in my mother’s garden.

Mr. Lincoln

Intensely fragrant velvet red rose with a flower size of about 5 inches. Awarded from AARS 1965. 

It grows to about 5-7 feet and performs well in all climates. The deep green foliage emphasizes the tall, vigorous plant.

Pink Hybrid Teas

A favorite color of mine, because these roses match extremely well with the red teas in vases.


A very fragrant rose with slender salmon pink buds, which open in large blooms with a touch of yellow in the center. The plant is good disease resistant and will grow well in zones 6-9. Awarded from AARS 1955 and decorated with several other awards it is a long-term favorite hybrid tea.

Photo courtesy of Chris B

Miss All-American Beauty

A large rose with deep pink blooms and very fragrant. Performs best in areas with hot summers in zones 5-10. The plant has large, deep green foliage and grows to a high of 3-4 feet. Awarded from AARS 1968.

Photo courtesy of Cap001 - Dan

Orange Hybrids

Although I like the orange color, you have to be careful mixing them with other colors, especially with pink. Orange teas will go well with reds, yellows or whites.

Just Joey

Apricot colored blooms with an open growth and a strong fruity fragrance. A medium-sized plant (3 feet) with glossy dark green foliage and good disease resistance and good for zones 5-9.

Photo courtesy of Karen Plimmer


 A rose with apricot-orange colored blooms and a mild sweet fragrance. The plant grows up to 5 feet and shows glossy bright green foliage. Grow in zones 5-9. Awarded from AARS 1982.

Photo courtesy of Babette B

White Hybrids

White colored roses light up your garden and mix up very well with all sorts of colored flowers.

John F. Kennedy

 A very dependable and fragrant garden rose. A medium sized plant with 5-inch blooms. The plant with leathery green leaves grows well in areas with hot summers in zones 6-9.

Photo courtesy of shinichiro saka


A strong, disease resistant rose with dark green leaves and strong stems. The creamy-white colored flower has a light fragrance and is great for cutting. They are good for zones 6-9.

Yellow Hybrids

Planted alone or with red and orange flowers, the yellow colored roses look so good with their green leaves.

Midas Touch

 A bright yellow rose with moderate fragrance and dark green leaves. The plant grows to 4-5 feet tall and performs well in zones 6-11. This excellent cut rose was awarded from AARS 1994.

Photo courtesy of Greg Wagoner


A vigorous bush with big glossy green leaves and large blooms of pale yellow and flushed pink at the edge of the petals. They have a light fruity fragrance and grow 4 feet high. It is a tough plant, which grows under nearly every condition, even when neglected and is good for zones 5-9.

Photo courtesy of John

Lavender Hybrid Teas

These blue, lavender or purple roses can add a beautiful color accent to your garden.


 A large lavender, mauve rose and deep red along the edge of the petals. The fruity fragrant flower with glossy, deep green leaves is excellent for cutting. The plant grows 4 feet tall, does well in zones 6-9 and has a good disease resistance.

Photo courtesy of Bob Griffin

Lady X

A lavender-pink colored rose with a mild fragrance and medium green foliage. It is a tall, vigorous plant and feels well in regions with cool summers. Good in zones 5-9.

Photo courtesy of Allany2010

Multicolored Hybrid Teas


The blooms are a blend of pink and orange and changes with the weather. This excellent cut flower has a light fragrance, grows medium tall with dark green disease-resistant leaves. Best for zones 5-9 and awarded from AARS in 1992.

Photo courtesy of J Scott Ryder

Double Delight

A cream-raspberry colored rose with an intoxicating fragrance. This medium-sized, excellent cut rose was awarded from AARS in 1977 and shows dark green leaves. Best grows in zones 5b-9.

Photo courtesy of Cap001 - Dan

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