Shrub Roses And Rose Bushes

Easy to grow shrub roses come in a huge range of colors, scents and sizes

Basically, all roses can be described as shrubs or bushes. They are defined by their wide and high of growth.

As a single plant with a height of up to 8 feet, they tower impressively out of garden beds. Groups of several plants work nicely as an eye-catcher on a free surface or in a bed.

Planted as hedges and boundary to a small garden area, rose bushes perform very well.

Modern shrub roses are very popular because of their pest and disease resistance and their long season of bloom.

Modern Shrub Roses

Modern shrubs are easy to grow and do not need much care. In most garden centers, these kinds of roses will be readily available.

When I think about shrubs, they have to be healthy, tough and hardy. Most of them are crosses from old garden roses and new varieties.

David Austin’s English Roses

These roses have the charm of old roses and act like modern roses. Large headed and with the fragrance of old garden roses they are offered with an almost unlimited variety of colors.

The diversity is that large that David Austin created several subgroups:

  • English Alba Hybrids
  • Old Rose Hybrids
  • English Musk Hybrids
  • Leanders

If you want English Roses, choose carefully. Many of them grow vigorously in warm climates and others are hardy to about 0-degree F.

Générosa Roses

These are the French version of the English Roses, introduced by Guillot. Currently, they offer more than 500 varieties, most of them with excellent scent and health. They are famous for developing numerous scents.

Knock Out Roses

Introduced by William Radler in Wisconsin they promise diseases resistant and winter hardy plants. They are very easy to grow and many Rosarians call them the best rose bushes ever. For me, they perfectly fit in my easy rose gardening scheme and I would recommend beginners to start with that kind of rose bushes.

Flower Carpet Roses

These well-behaved spreading plants, bred by Noak of Germany are superior disease resistant and winter hard. Especially suitable for ground covers, they are easy to grow and to care for.

Meidiland Roses

Designed as Landscape Roses, they look best when they are planted together in groups such as ground covers or hedges.

These roses originate from Meilland of France, are generally disease resistant and winter hard.

Other Modern Shrubs

There are many other varieties like the “Oso Easy Roses,” “Simplicity,”  “Explorer Roses” or the “Modern Blush” only to mention some more. I will write about them soon in additional articles.

Classical Shrub Roses

Classical Rose bushes are harder to get in garden centers than all the Modern varieties. The internet makes it easier to find them. Some of the well-known classical roses are:

If you have troubles to find any kind of roses, just contact me on my Contact Page and I will be happy to help you.

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