Floribunda Roses

As the most productive bloomers of all roses, Floribunda roses are widely used in the landscape and large groups.

Floribundas are crosses from Hybrid Tea Roses and Polyanthas and known as cluster –flowered bush roses, because they carry their blooms in clusters.

Generally, Floribundas are less fussy, bushier and more lower growing than Hybrid Teas, and they bloom continually. But they still need watering, feeding and pruning when necessary.

They have the advantage of bigger blooms, and many of them are excellent cut flowers. Floribunda roses come in a large variety of colors and grow from 3-6 feet high.

I like Floribundas because they are easy to care roses and with the amount of blooms and their delightful foliage they look great all over the growing season.

Floribunda Roses - Easy To Grow

As mentioned above, Floribundas do not need much care, and most of them are very disease resistant.

They only need watering in dry weather and will survive a season without fertilizer too, but I would not recommend that. As every plant Floribundas need food to show off their beautiful blossoms.

When it comes to pruning Floribundas, it is important that you remove spent flowers during the growing season if you want the plant to keep producing blossoms.

The bushes will not need a pruning or only a very light pruning in the first year. For an established plant, cut back the whole bush 25 to 50 percent in early spring as well cut out any dead wood. Maybe you have to cut off a cane or two, to keep the plant in shape.

A Few Popular Floribunda Roses

You have many varieties and colors to choose from. The following section lists some of my favorite and very popular Floribundas.

Red Floribundas


A rose light in fragrance, with dark crimson red clusters of long-lasting blossoms.

This rose bush with a dark green semi-glossy foliage grows up to 3-4 feet. The flower is disease resistant and winter hardy. Awarded from AARS in 1968.

Help For Heroes

A rose with deep-red, full-petaled flowers in abundant clusters throughout the growing season.

The plant has a bushy growing habit, with glossy dark green foliage and grows up to 2-3 feet. Perfect for containers, this rose is sold to support the Help for Heroes charity.

Pink Floribundas

Betty Prior

Betty Prior

 Its single-petaled blooms are carmine pink and come with glossy, dark green leaves.

The tall plant grows up to 4-6 feet and is disease resistant. They start to bloom late but never stop until frost and are nearly indestructible.

Photo courtesy of gartenknorze

Orange Floribundas


 Spectacular orange-red flowers with a slight fragrance and dark green, glossy foliage are continuously produced over the growing season by this plant.

The Trumpeter is very disease-resistant and grows best in zones 5b-9.

Photo courtesy of sunnymap's

Easy Does It

A beautiful orange-pink rose with an extraordinary fragrance. The plant shows glossy, dark green foliage and is disease resistant.

The Easy Does It rose grows up to 3-4 feet with a rounded and compact shape. Awarded from AARS in 2010.

Photo courtesy of mtbutler

Yellow Floribundas

Sun Flare

 This bright lemon-yellow floribunda is a producer of long-lasting sprays.

The bushy plant with polished green leaves is disease-resistant and winter hardy and grows best up to 4-5 feet tall. The very fragrant rose grows best in zones 6-9.

Photo courtesy of Yoko Nekonomania

Amber Queen

The yellow apricot flowers have a light sweet fragrance and with its glossy, dark green foliage they are a real eye catcher.

The plant grows 3-4 feet tall and was awarded from AARS 1988. They will grow in zones 4-9.

Photo courtesy of monic41

White Floribundas


This beautiful flower is a low maintenance and very robust rose. One of the most popular roses with a delightful fragrance.

The plant shows glossy, dark green foliage and pure white flowers. The trouble-free, shade tolerant rose grows best in zones 5-9 and 3-4 feet tall.

Photo courtesy of ViZu54

Margaret Merril

One of the most fragrant floribunda roses with soft white blooms and a blush of pink in the center.

The flowers have a hybrid tea rose shape and grow upright 3-5 feet tall. They will grow in zones 5-9.

Photo courtesy of gavnieve

Lavender Floribundas

Angel Face

The deep mauve blossoms with their extraordinary fragrance grow upright to 3 feet tall.

The rose is resistant to most common rose diseases but needs a very sunny spot in your garden. Awarded from AARS 1969, they are winter hardy and grow well in zones 5-9.

Photo courtesy of Charles Shelton


 A mauve purplish, very fragrant and bushy rose.

A medium-sized plant with dark green foliage, 3.5 feet tall, disease-resistant but not winter hardy. Awarded from AARS 1984.

Photo courtesy of xaviergardens

Multicolored Floribundas


A spectacular striped rose with burgundy red blossoms swirled with creamy white on the petals. Each bloom is different, and they have a strong, spicy fragrance.

The dark green foliage  is excellent disease-resistant and grows well in zones 5-9. The plant grows 3-4 feet high.

Photo courtesy of larsongarden


A beautiful orange-red-yellow rose, attractive for landscape as well as for bedding.

The plant grows 3-4 feet tall, and the blossoms have a light-sweet descent. The foliage is healthy and grows well in zones 5-9.

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