Step by Step to your Rose Paradise

Climbers, Ramblers or Miniatures, Bare Roots or Containers, Shrubs or Groundcovers and what is that Florib..unda?

Overwhelmed by so many different rose varieties available? Don't worry, and follow one rule: “Keep it simple!”

If you seriously want to start with growing roses, take your time and check neighbors and nearby rose gardens; what do they grow? Browse garden centers or consult a local expert, don't be shy and ask them for their recommendation.

Where To Start - Growing Roses Basics

In case you already know which variety to grow, visit my favorite online-nurseries for rose plants. For beginners it would be a good idea to browse through my articles.

Specifying Criteria's for Roses

Simplify the selection, by specifying criteria’s before purchasing your desired rose. Which habit of growth do you prefer? Do you need a Climbing Rose for your pergola or a Miniature Rose for a flowerbed? Which blossom color fits to your location and to the surrounding flowers?

Color would be good place to start. Choose the color you like and ask an expert or go to Roses by Colors to get a description of the different plants according to the colors.

Identify Good Quality 

Today most vendors, as garden centers or home improvement stores are not prepared to sell bare root roses any longer, they offer container plants instead. For beginners, choose the container ones.

Specific quality criteria do apply to all varieties, but always do expect first-quality goods for your money. Only healthy and fully matured plants will grow properly and lead to rose gardening success.

Watch out for a proper root penetration of container rose pots: The plants bales must not crumble to pieces, while extracting them from the plastic pots. The minimum volume size of containers should be 2 liter, quality goods come with 3 liters.

               Quality Criteria             

                Quality Class                

Quality-roses can be rated by the condition of their bark. Proper goods offer smooth, solid unbruised stems.

The shoots should be in light green from inside. Wizened bark could be an indication for a dry-damage. Spots on the bark may show for example frost damage.

Grafted roses can be purchased in various quality categories, let's call them A and B:

Quality Class A will come with highly branched roots and at least with three robust shoots. 

Quality Class B with a minimum of two shoots.

Nevertheless, B-roses are not from poor quality, they simply need more time to grow

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