Growing Roses In Containers

Bring the beauty of roses to balconies, entrances and patios

Not everybody owns a garden or has left enough space to grow his desired roses in a bed. Fortunately there is a possibility to grow roses in containers too. Most roses can be planted successfully in pots, but pay attention to select more robust species.

What To Consider When Growing Roses In Containers

The Pot

Choose a pot that is more than 15 inches deep and no less than 15 inches in diameter. If you chose a vigor rose, take a larger container.

A drainage is a must; be sure the water can run off easily through a hole, or better three holes in the bottom. Soggy soil will kill your roses in few days!

The container may be plastic or clay. If choosing plastic, use a pot with a lighter color, as they don’t heat up that fast.

Clay pots, on the other hand provide cooler conditions for the roots during hot weather periods.

In cold climates it would be a good choice to take light plastic containers. To carry them into a cool, non-freezing indoor room to overwinter would be easier than to drag a heavy clay pot.

If the pot is large enough, plant some companions to beautify the picture.

The Drainage

The water run-off should be secured by placing some clay fragments over the holes in the pot-bottom.

Place a layer of about 1-2 inch deep gravel or expanded clay in the bottom of the container. Remember that a working drainage is a must for healthy roses.

The Soil


Before planting roses in a container, they should be treated similar to roses for garden-beds. Visit growing roses for beginners

Choose a quality rose planting mix to get the best growing results for your plants. Regular soil from your garden is not the best choice to grow roses in containers. My recommendation would be Garden Soil For Roses.

The Watering

The soil in the container must not dry. Dryness in the bale will cause powdery mildew, but be aware of “Wet Feeds” which will kill your flowers.

Which Container Roses To Use

Most roses grow well in spacious planters, but avoid large climbers or ramblers. Miniature roses and any small shrubs will delight your balcony or patio.

Choose Knockout Roses for a perfect start to growing roses in containers.

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