A Guide To Growing Roses For Beginners

Give your Roses a head start

Growing roses for beginners, is as simple as growing any other shrubs or flowers, but with some additional considerations.

Have you ever bought blooming roses in a colorful flower-pot for let's say $100.-, just perfect for that empty corner in your garden or home? Many of us have done that several times before.

To buy beautiful blooming flowers only to watch how the blossoms vanish after a week and turn into an ugly, tattered shrub without blossoms, doesn't spoil my day.

But why it always happens to me, never to my neighbor?

Roses are not desert plants, to care for them means to know some basic and simple rules.

Conditions For Best Growing Results

After choosing your roses with my Easy Guide to Growing Roses, it's time to bring them home and plant them in a convenient location as soon as possible.

Meet the following steps to get best growing results:


If you can't plant your roses shortly after buying, store them in a dark, cool place.

Keep Container roses well watered until planting them.

  1. Roses prefer a bright and nicely aerated location. Choose a site with at least 6 hours full sunlight a day. Wet leaves dry up fast at a breezy location and keep the occurrence of Powdery Mildew and Rust on Roses to a minimum.
  2. The flowers favor a well-drained sandy-loamy soil with a  near-neutral ph(6.5 would be perfect). 

Get a testing-kit for your soil here, or buy it in your garden center.

Growing roses for beginners - Tip 

Avoid to plant roses at sites where roses already grew, or exchange the soil down to 30 inches. Otherwise you will get poor growing results.

Growing Roses For Beginners

Prune the Shoots and Roots

Prune the aerial parts of the plants down to 6-7.5 inches and remove only damaged or dry root-parts. Prune overlong root-parts too. Don't overdo that, less is more in that case.


Bare root roses loose water and get dry during their storage in garden centers. That shouldn't get you in trouble, soak the plants 12-24 hours deep in a water bath before planting them.

Planting the Roses

All garden roses do have a bulging area between the brown roots and green shoots. This bud union must be located about 2 inches deep in the soil after planting, because of frost matters.

Backfill the Plant Hole

Maybe you need some help to hold the plant in the right place, while back-filling the plant hole with soil. Take care not to damage the roots! If you have poor native soil, work in some organic soil amendment. Add mulch at the top, but keep it away from the rose canes to avoid rotting.

Soak with Water

Adjust and compress the soil in a way that a ring-shaped basin will form. That pouring-basin will assure the water going directly to the roots. Water your plants every day to help the feeder-roots to grow out quickly, even during rainy weather.


Mound garden soil, that only the tops of the shoots can be seen. That will protect the young shoots from frost, wind and sun. As the new-shoots will be as long as about 4 inches, remove the mounding.

Growing roses for beginners is pretty easy, just stick to the guide and you will soon enjoy the most beautiful flowers in your garden.


This is a beginners guide to growing bare root roses. Find additional tips to work with bare root roses or how to grow container roses on my website.

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