Watering Your Roses

How and how often to water roses

A very important task to grow healthy plants is watering your roses. Many hobby gardeners ignore the fact that water is the lifeblood of every plant.

In this article we will take a quick look what to pay attention to, and how often you should water your roses.

Watering Roses

Tips how to water roses

Roses have deep roots, so they do not show signs of water deficiency until a drought is prolonged. However, their growth will be impaired and the flowers smaller.

Depending on the climate, season, soil and the age of the plants, roses need more or less watering.

Climate Conditions

It goes without saying that in hot and dry environment roses do need a lot more watering than in cooler more humid areas.

Hot and dry climate will require daily watering, sometimes twice a day. Best time for watering is early in the morning and in the evening.

If the weather is dry and windy, watering is a must.

Roses respond to regular, predictable watering.

Growing Season

Depending on weather conditions, the plants need regular watering.

In spring when the roses start their season, particularly after feeding them, they require a thorough soaking. As a guide, use about 1 gallon for a rose bush, three times this for a climber. 

At any time, one thorough soaking is better than regular dribbles.

Before applying any pesticide, be sure your roses are well hydrated.

Sometimes it is necessary to water your plants during the winter month, mainly when there are fewer precipitations.

Soil Conditions

Clayey soil needs less water than sandy soil.

Something that roses do not appreciate is wet feet. Always make sure to have a good drainage.

If the soil is sandy, the water will drain quickly; that means you have to water more often.

The Age And The Size Of Your Rose Bushes

Newly imbedded roses have not fully developed their root-system. Hence, never allow recently planted roses to become dry at the roots.

Even if you plant your roses before the winter season, you have to water them regularly.

More established bushes are better able to cope with dry soil.

Larger rose bushes have wider spread roots than smaller once. Therefore they need more water to reach all of their roots.

Using The Correct Techniques Watering Your Roses

Roses need a lot of water because they are blossomy "Top Athletes". Here some summarized tips how to do correct watering:

  • Amount of water – it is better to soak less often with a large amount of water, than regular dribbles
  • Deep watering – soak the soil to a depth of about 18 inches; pause during the procedure to soak in
  • Best time – is in the early morning or the evening 
  • Container roses – require more watering 
  • Flowers look droopy – if your plants wilt and get droopy, they urgently need water
  • Layer of mulch – keeps the moisture in the soil; watering is less frequently acquired
  • Overwatering – can cause root rot; typical signs are yellow leaves and leaf drop. Roses hate wet feet, therefore always care for well-drained soil
  • No overhead watering – if the leaves are wet all the time, fungus spores will occur. But...

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