Epson Salts - Magnesium Sulfate 

Epson salts and the fantastic uses of Magnesium sulfate

Many gardeners love to use Magnesium applications, and Epsom salt is the form they usually apply. However, what is it for and when is the best time to use these salts on roses?

Magnesium sulfates are useful for:

  • Soil improvement
  • To wash out harmful salts
  • Increase production of new flowering canes
  • Build strong cell walls
  •  Reduce problems with blossom-end rot

Epsom salts not only help roses to flourish, but many other plants do like an addition of these salts. Several fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, lemon or pepper will produce more abundant fruits.

How And When To Use Epson Salts

Magnesium sulfate is widely used to reduce Magnesium deficiency of the soil. Although it is likely that you will not see any signs of Magnesium deficiency on your plants, it is common in the western states with their highly alkaline soils and for old, acidic soils.

An unmistakable sign is weak, slow growth and fewer blossoms on the rose bush. A soil test can prove shortage of Magnesium sulfate.  Cautiously applied, Epsom salt will not do any harm to your roses.

If you know your soil is poor in magnesium, sprinkle ½ cup of the amendment around the base of your rose bush and water deeply to be sure it reaches the feeder roots.

Deep watering after applying any fertilizers or amendments to plants should go without saying.

I apply Epsom salts in spring, when new growth emerges.

An additional approach to bring Magnesium sulfate to your plants is to spray roses during the growing season, with a dilution of ½ a tablespoon Epsom salt and one gallon of water. New studies show that a foliar application of Epsom salt brings best results, and it discourages pests too.

Amazing Uses For Epsom Salt

I have used Epsom salts for my roses and plants widely, but it took me awhile to realize that this amendment can be found in many other products and for many uses. Bath crystals, tile cleaners or hair volumizers are some examples.

If you are open-minded, it is unbelievable what you can do with that low-cost and eco-friendly product.

Fighting illness, treating sore muscles or dry skins, to list only a few possibilities, this product can be used in a wide variety of ways. The website from Epsom Salt Council provides many great tips about the benefits of this salt.

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