Top Tips For Summer Rose Care

Follow these simple steps to get beautiful blossoms and healthy flowers 

A good feed at the start of the growing season in springtime will lay the base of bright and healthy growth in the summer time.

Of course, it is possible to grow healthy roses simply by applying plenty of garden compost or manure but for optimum performance, an additional boost is required.

A Summer In The Rose Garden

Roses respond to attention and care and especially to watering, feeding and mulching. Simple tasks like control weeds or deadheading will improve the appearance of the rose garden as well as keep the plants in perfect condition.

Depending on the weather conditions, the summer rose care may start a few weeks earlier or later in the year.       

Early Summer Rose Care

  • Control Weeds – Maybe one of the most displeasing tasks in the garden, but it has to be done
  •  Mulching – if necessary and if you have not already done so. Choose a day when the ground is moist to avoid moisture loss. It improves the appearance of the bed and suppresses weeds
  •  Spray – if necessary spray to control pests and diseases

Last but not least, do not forget to water your roses. At any time, one thorough soaking is better than regular dribbles.

Mid-Summer Tasks

deadheading roses
deadheading roses
  • Deadheading – Removing dead flowers as they fade helps to improve the production of fresh blooms on repeat-flowering roses. Do not remove the heads of roses grown for their decorative hips
  • Feeding – preferred with a rose fertilizer. Deficiency of any important nutrients will result in weak growth, small and poor flowers and discolored leaves
  •  Disease control – check for mildew, rust and blackspot
  •  Prune ramblers – when they have finished flowering
  • Trim rose hedges – after flowering unless they will have decorative hips

This is also the time to plant new container-grown roses to add some more color to your garden, and if you want to increase your stock, it is the right time taking semi-ripe cuttings.

Late Summer Tasks

If the early and mid summer rose care is executed well and your roses bloom prolifically, you can lean back and enjoy your flowers.

Only a few specialized tasks you may consider, such as to continue to take semi-ripe cuttings or think about new rose orders for the fall planting.

For climbers and ramblers tie in strong new shoots to extend the framework.       

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