Planting Climbing Roses

A slightly different approach to planting climbing roses

Climber on garden shedRampant Climber on a friends garden shed

All types of climbing roses are primarily roses and therefore they need a slightly aerated, sunny location and good soil to feel comfortable.

On planting roses and some additional pages, you will get a feeling for the basic planting procedures of roses.

I prefer to plant bare root roses, but that is a matter of taste with the small disadvantage that you cannot buy and plant them the whole growing season.

However, what is so unique and different in planting climbing roses?

Easy Steps For Planting Climbing Roses

Location And Selection

Climbing roses tend to overtake the space where you plant them. If you want them to grow into a tree, it is ok to position climbers close to him. Otherwise, plant them away from trees, shrubs and any other plants.

Carefully take your time to choose the location and type of climbing rose because it makes a difference to grow a pliable rambling rose along a fence or over an arbor, or a climber with sturdier canes, which is easier to grow on a wall or a pillar.

Once you choose your plant and support, it is time to get down to work.

Install the Support

The materials and tools needed for the job:

  • The plant (maybe some organic soil amendment)
  • Support structure plus fastening tools and materials
  • A shovel and Wheelbarrow
  • Waterbucket and Watering Can
  • Pruning shears
  • Plant ties

Fix the climbing aid first, and anchor it solidly. Once the rose begins to grow, it must be strong enough to carry the plant’s weight.

The installation of a trellis or fence should leave enough room for air circulation and maintenance of the climber.

Planting the Climber

Assuming you use bare root plants, you have to dig the planting hole 1.5-2 feet away from the structure, because the soil close to walls, fences and other structures mostly is poor.

The planting hole should be twice the width of the spread of its roots and about two feet deep.

Tip of caution

Never use fertilizers in planting holes! Always refill the hole with the soil you dug out. For poor soil, work in some organic soil amendment.

Put the plant in the hole at a 45-degree angle that the canes lean toward the support and in return, the roots should spread away from the supporting structure.

The climbing rose should easily find her way to the structure, which she should overgrow.

As some canes may be too short to reach the support, tie them to a temporary structure, which the rose can use until she has reached her destination.

Because climbing and rambling roses cannot climb alone, like a vine or other plants using their hooks to climb, you have to train them to the support when the rose starts to grow.

Gardener's Advice

Do not forget to deep water the plant daily, until the rose has grown appropriately. Water is always useful for deep rooting.

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