Shrub Rose Bush Pruning

Learn how to get a sea of blossoms with little effort, using my easy shrub rose bush pruning guide

This group of roses includes wild roses and all kinds of breed roses. Before we prune we have to distinguish between

  1. Once-flowering shrub roses
  2. Repeat-flowering shrub roses

Shrub Rose Bush Pruning: Once-Flowering

Rose bush pruning

A regular cleanup pruning for once-flowering shrub roses is essential. We will get a tidy, good aerated and exposed to light shrub.

In many cases the recommendation is not to prune once-flowering shrub rose bushes. We have to consider, that after few years a lot of drafty and sick wood will form. Young shoots will only develop on the upper plant parts, but at the bottom little or nothing will grow.

Practice Of Shrub Rose Bush Pruning 

  • During the annual pruning we should remove 1-2 older canes at the bottom level
  • Afterwards remove drafty and sick wood
  • At the other plant parts we only remove heavy overlapping canes

A detail pruning should be avoided to stimulate moderate natural growth. To keep the shrubs tidy, you may remove the rose hips but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

If you prune them too heavy, they will form thin shoots, which can lead to powdery mildew in late summer.

Pruning Repeat-Flowering Shrub Roses

A regular and detailed pruning should be made at these types of shrub roses. Treated in that way, they will bloom plenty and permanent.

  • Remove all sick and dead wood
  • Cut back 1/3 of the length of the strong one-year old canes
  • Less strong canes are pruned back up to 6-8 bud eyes

Shrub roses will need a rejuvenating-pruning about every five years. Remove overage shoots close to the base, but don’t overdo it.

Weak laterals on the main shoots shall not be cut in at all. At that not pruned shoots, leaves will form fast and early, which will lead to a balanced shoot-development all over the plant.

Miniature Shrub Rose Bush Pruning

Miniature shrub roses have the advantage, that they can be used in small gardens because of their growth.

They bloom gloriously and are easy to keep in form through pruning. Sufficient thin out of the rose bushes will avoid diseases on weak inner shoots.

  • Rejuvenation is a must with perennial shrubs, to get plants with flowers and leaves down to bottom.
  • Strong canes will be cut up to 8 bud eyes

If you prune your miniature shrub roses annually, they will be a great addition and easy to care rose for your garden.

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