China Rose

For many Rosarians the China rose is the mother of all modern roses

Admired for their repeat flowering capabilities, they were introduced from China to the West in the end of the 18th century.

The introduction of the four kinds, in particular, changed the rose world profoundly in characteristics and varieties, which resulted in the creation of the Modern Garden Roses.

The Four Stud China Roses

All four kinds showed big differences to the roses existing in Europe at this time. They were perpetual-flowering and of dwarf habit, and had completely different leaves and fragrance.

These four China's are still available in several nurseries and online shops, and I am sure they add some old rose garden flair to your home.

  • Slater’s Crimson China
  • Parson’s Pink China
  • Hume’s Blush Tea-Scented China
  • Park’s Yellow Tea-Scented China

Facts About China's

A Rosa Chinensis is repeat flowering throughout the whole season and require sunny spots in your garden to perform to their full potential. China’s are extremely frost tender.

They are suitable for small garden parts; the small and tender varieties are ideal for buckets.

A word to prune China’s:

They flower on two-year-old or older shoots. Prune them only if the shoots are older than three years or have flowered already.

The use of Rosa Chinensis in traditional Chinese medicine is well known. Roots and fruits are used for treating arthritis, cough, rheumatoid joint pains and for several other medical conditions. The flowers contain aromatic oils to treat abdominal and chest pain and are beneficial as a menstrual regulator.

Make Your China Rose Choice

These roses, because of their petite stature, will fill in small spaces and will be perfect for patios and containers.

Old Blush

Old Blush China Rose

One of the original China's.

Its scent and long flowering season ensure that it is still planted by rose lovers.

They have lilac-pink, semi-doubled blossoms on a small bush.

The very good, twiggy garden shrub grows up to a height of 4-5 feet and spread to a width to 3-4 feet.

Cecile Brünner

Cecile Brunner China Rose

Sometimes classified as a Polyantha rose, introduced in 1881.

It produces its delicately scented flowers from summer to fall.

It used to be known as ‘The Sweetheart Rose’. A climbing form is often planted.

They form small bushes with pale pink blooms up to a height of 3 feet and spread to a width of 3 feet.

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